Those who are in Japan thank you from the Japanese site.

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Japanese designed Hanko

Product code:
Selling price(tax included):
2,700 yen

You can not choose the design.

Order made We accepts any languages.

Sculpture names can be chosen from katakana, hiragana, alphabet, kanji.

ex:トム → Katakana
ex:とむ → Hiragana
ex:Tom → Alphabet
ex:富夢 → Kanji

Those who do not understand Japanese

If you do not understand Japanese, we will create it, so please enter the alphabet in the input field.
Also, please put (your desired character type) next to the alphabet.

If you would like sculptures with katakana
Tom (Katakana)

If you would like sculptures with hiragana
Tom (hiragana)

If you would like sculptures with kanji
Tom (Kanji)


With plastic case


Impression = "HANKO" Because I put case into vanity box, please use also for gift.
Mt. Fuji with cherry-blossom pattern case