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Ready-made Hanko designed T-shirts

2017年05月01日"Hanko.gift" opened !!

Motegi Co., Ltd. opened a hanko selling site "hanko.gift" for foreigners.

I think that it will become a catalyst to let people around the world know about Japanese culture.

I would appreciate your continued support in the future.

How about spreading the wonderful Japanese kanji culture with these products?

Make your one and only handwritten monogram. Use“ Kao” instead of handwritten signatures!!

Japanese Kanji T-shirts

We will convert your name in kanji and print it on a t-shirt. It is fun to wear Japanese kanji t-shirts.

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Japanese door name plates

A letter craftsman with the fi nest skills, has written on a Japanese cypress piece of wood. Possessing a name plate is said to show pride to your name. How about hanging a name plate in your room?

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Japanese Wooden Tag

“Kaji to kenka ha Edo no hana” in Japanese means literally,fighting fires in the Edo period was a powerful symbolin this period. This tag was given to the group that had stopped any fire from spreading as a badge of honor. It is also been told for years after years that this good luck charm is said to keep away misfortune and disasters.

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Japanese Kanji Jewelery

We make earrings and necklaces in either silver or gold with your name converted in kanji. Love in katakana is ラブ→ in kanji 愛. 愛is a popular female name in Japan.

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Japanese Themed Stamp

These stamps are Japanese themed stamps. You can add your name to one of these cute Japanese pictures.

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Japanese Emboss Stamp

You can stamp this on letters, envelopes, name cards,and use them as labels and stickers.

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Japanese Burnt-in Branding Iron

You can use this to stamp your name on wooden material, cookies, and even on leather material.

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Japanese sealing Waxed Stamp

Stamping your name instead of signing your name at the bottom of your gift card or stamping it on your gift’s wrapping paper will give it a taste of the rich Japanese kanji culture.

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