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About seals for foreigners

Instead of hand-signing documents as the westerns do, traditionally in Japan there is a custom to stamp a seal .
Foreigners living in Japan for long periods of time need to open bank accounts, apply for utility fees, and lots more.

There is a place to stamp a seal instead of writing your signature on such application forms.

Important documents such as applying for mortgage are required the offi cial seal stamp. It is required to register the seal at the public offi ce and may be attached to the contract affi xed with an imprint certificate called seal stamp certificate. Also, there are customs to stamp receipts for parcel deliveries, time cards, and for error corrections.

In addition, there are also ‘YUIN’ stamps that can be used for fun. It can be used for souvenirs and gifts.
How about trying to use traditional Japanese crafts as a fun memorial way to remember your trip to Japan?
We are more than welcome to help.

When foreigners order seals, usually there are ready made “HANKO's converted to Kanji," but in general it will be custom made.

You can choose from vertical and horizontal prints of katakana, hiragana, and vertical Kanji conversion print but in some cases it may be printed horizontally.

You can also choose the calligraphic style of the letters. Please choose the number of characters, material (stamp material) and size according to the application.