Official Registerd seal

The most formal HANKO is the official registered seal. It is required to register the seal at the city hall you are resided. This system is called ‘seal stamp certificate”

Each person can register only one seal.

A seal registration card will be issued when registration is completed.
A seal stamp certificate can be issued through the seal registration card if necessary.

Official seals are required when applying for a contract and is necessary to attach a seal stamp certificate.

In the process of printing the official seal, each municipal will need to verify the information recorded on your original alien registered card whether alphabetic characters, katakana, and kanji conversions of the first and middle name can be abbreviated. On top of that, unless the name is not in common kanji, generally alphabetical letters or katakana is used.

We recommend sizes 15, 16.5, 18 mm round. This relates to the number of characters.
In general, most are horizontally written: the first name in the upper row and on the second row with the last name is most common. However, depending on your country of origin you may converse your first and last name. If middle names are included, a third row will be added.

When there are many characters, we will flexibly respond to your request.