Registerd Bank seal・Informal seal

Registerd bank seal

To open a bank account, you need to indicate the proof of your identity. Opening an account using a seal makes it possible to experience Japan. Account names are mostly in katakana or alphabetical letters. In case of katakana, it is necessary to be able to hand write it yourself.

Full names , surnames alone, first names alone and middle names can be used. A HANKO with your name including a Japanese design can also be used.

Informal seal・Private seal

In Japan, there is a custom to use seals as identifi cation in various situations. When receiving parcel delivery,circulation notices and any daily life situations, seals are generally used as signatures. Replacing katakana, the Roman alphabet, and foreign language pronunciations as close to Japanese pronunciation with Kankji conversed Hanko will make you get in a Japanese mood. For a personal one, adding scenery, animals and plants, nicknames also can be used.